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Migration Music Festival in Taiwan

The marriage of music and activism

Migration Music Festival in Taipei features a diverse program based on a multicultural blending of music that occur naturally through the migration and interaction of ethnic groups. The program includes mu

sic, film screenings, workshops and seminars whose foundation is to encourage respect and tolerance among all peoples. The international festival showcases folk and traditional music from diverse cultures where migration and exposure to cultural arts has fostered a rich offspring of honoring both diversity and commonalities.

“Festivals can be used for people to celebrate different ethnic identities in the world and they can also address the mistreatment of minorities in society,” said Jihong – the festival founder. “There are so many different cultures in the world and this is a good way to engage people from various backgrounds.”

“It is this kind of attitude that prompts people to get involved and volunteer in grassroots activities,” she said. And it is the same attitude that prompted Jihong to launch the first Migration Music Festival in 2001.

“Our aim is not just a party with music but to involve people to encourage more educational activities.”

The 2011 Migration Music Festival (MMF) organized lectures, concerts, documentary films, workshops, travelers’ tales and installation art shows at the Taipei Zhongshan Hall, Taipei Artist Village, and Chiayi Performing Arts Center.

Hopefully this year, in autumn, we will repeat the experience of migration music in Taiwan!


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