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Migration Music Festival in Taiwan

The marriage of music and activism

Migration Music Festival in Taipei features a diverse program based on a multicultural blending of music that occur naturally through the migration and interaction of ethnic groups. The program includes mu

sic, film screenings, workshops and seminars whose foundation is to encourage respect and tolerance among all peoples. The international festival showcases folk and traditional music from diverse cultures where migration and exposure to cultural arts has fostered a rich offspring of honoring both diversity and commonalities.

“Festivals can be used for people to celebrate different ethnic identities in the world and they can also address the mistreatment of minorities in society,” said Jihong – the festival founder. “There are so many different cultures in the world and this is a good way to engage people from various backgrounds.”

“It is this kind of attitude that prompts people to get involved and volunteer in grassroots activities,” she said. And it is the same attitude that prompted Jihong to launch the first Migration Music Festival in 2001.

“Our aim is not just a party with music but to involve people to encourage more educational activities.”

The 2011 Migration Music Festival (MMF) organized lectures, concerts, documentary films, workshops, travelers’ tales and installation art shows at the Taipei Zhongshan Hall, Taipei Artist Village, and Chiayi Performing Arts Center.

Hopefully this year, in autumn, we will repeat the experience of migration music in Taiwan!


Cliff Korman & The Brazilian Tinge music – ¨Migrations¨

age-408 ” title=”Migrations Disc” src=”https://2012.photoireland.org/mb/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/ckmigrations.jpg” alt=”Migration disc cover” width=”400″ height=”400″ />

Disc cover of "Migrations" by Cliff Korman and The Brazilian Tinge

Cliff Korman & The Brazilian Tinge
Planet Arts 200321 (2004)
Time: 55’10”

Musical Watercolor

Reviewed by Egídio Leitão
December 2004

An accomplished jazz pianist and highly regarded educator who trained with Roland Hanna, Kenny Barron, and Ron Carter, Cliff Korman has developed numerous projects featuring Brazilian and American musicians for more than 20 years.

Migrations is Korman’s new album and another example of his long involvement with Brazilian music and, in particular, with choro. Working with Korman in Migrations we have the Brazilian Tinge, a dream team of musicians. Featured in this album are Billy Drewes (clarinet, sax), Luis Bonilla (trombone), Rob Curto (accordion), Andy Eulau (bass), Henrique Cazes (cavaquinho), Marcello Gonçalves (7-string acoustic guitar), Vanderlei Pereira (drums), Café (percussion), Beto Cazes (percussion), Cida Moreira (voice) and a chorus comprised of Murí Costa, Jane Balzana, Eduardo Ferrer, Malu von Krüger, Eliza Lacerda and Juliana Rubim. Arranging all music and on piano we have Cliff Korman, the force behind Migrations.

The title and title tune, as well as the cover design, are inspired by the great Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado’s photo exposition by that name, for which Cliff was invited to perform. From the liner notes, Cliff explains: “‘Migrations’ tapped into underlying currents of my forcibly displaced immigrant family: uprooting, survival, and transformation. . . double identity. . . aspects of my identity as a jazz player and the ways in which that manifests itself through Brazilian music.”


International Migration Art Festival IMAF

The International Migration Art Festival (IMAFestival) is presented by EatArt.
EatArt is a nonprofit organization legally registered in Italy. EatArt aims at helping and promoting artist

ic talent in different cultural venues and art categories, such as, cinema, literature, music and visual art by giving national and internationals exposure.

According to Eat Art aims, Rossella Canevari, Elena Maria Manzini and René Manenti conceived IMAF to discover new talents while focusing the spotlight on the relevant issue of migration, especially on its cultural and social dimensions.
Migration is a worldwide phenomenon. Virtually, all nations are involved as receiving, sending or transit countries. According to the U.N. Population Division 2009 report, “the world is expected to have 214 million international migrants in 2010, 19 million more than in 2005. Sixty percent of the world’s international migrants reside in more developed regions. Most of the world’s migrants live in Europe (70 million in 2010), followed by Asia (61 million) and North America (50 million). With 43 million migrants expected in 2010,the United States of America hosts the larger number of international migrants…”
Aware of the many problems and tensions that migrants are often associated with, the IMAFestival aims at highlighting the rich and positive complexity of such a phenomenon through the eyes and sensibilities of the artists. At the same time, artists will have an opportunity to show their talent to a large audience and hopefully influence, in a favorable way, the frequently bleak perception of “strangers”.
In order to reach his goals IMAFestival promotes every year the international contest “Art Your Food” on the theme “FOOD AND MIGRATION”. The finalists and winners such contest will be awarded by competent jurors with concrete opportunities to show their work in important venues and meet influential people in the art world. The website and the events organized in different cities are becoming the marketplace where artists, experts, aficionados and the public mingle to exchange and share views and experiences on art, food and the proposed theme.


THE CONTEST “ART YOUR FOOD” – Milan, New York and London

“Art Your Food”, the second edition of the International Migration Art Festival (IMAFestival), invites participating artists to submit works on the theme of “Food and Migration” in four art categories: Film, Literature, Visual Arts and Music.


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