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Forced migration online (FMO) – a world of information on human displacement

Forced Migration Online (FMO) is home to a growing collection of resources relating to refugees and forced migration. All our resources are available for free. Some are also available cialis for sale

ref=”http://www.forcedmigration.org/homepage/about/copyright”>for you to re-use.

FMO is designed for use by students, academics, practitioners, policy makers, the media, forced migrants or anyone else interested in the field of forced migration. By bringing together these useful and time-saving resources, we aim to support research and policy making in the field.

The website is run by a small team based at the Refugee Studies Centre, in the Oxford Department of International Development at the University of Oxford.

What is forced migration?

If you are new to the subject, please read our introductory guide to forced migration.

Digital Library

A searchable archive of over 5,700 full-text documents, many of which are unpublished elsewhere.

Discussion List

An email-based forum for information relating to refugees and internal displacement.


Lectures and discussions on forced migration issues from the Refugee Studies Centre.



This is Filip Spagnoli‘s blog about human rights – including political and economic human rights such as the right to participate in government (democracy being a subset of human rights) and the righ

t not to suffer poverty – seen from the perspective of politics, art, philosophy (hence p.a.p.), law, economics, statistics, psychology etc.

One of his posts contains LOTS of figures & facts related with migration. Here it is:


Migrations map

Migration Map- view of the website screen

Where a

re migrants coming from? Where have migrants left?


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