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Migrant Workers in the Middle East

This website aims to raise awareness on the plight of migrant/expatriate workers in the Middle East.

Expatriate workers are a crucial part of the fabric of our society and economy, where they make up to 80% of the population in some states. While

many work in white-collar jobs or are successful businessmen and highly skilled professionals, the majority of foreigners working in the Gulf are involved in manual labour or work as domestics and drivers.

We all owe these individuals a debt of gratitude. Yet instead these individuals are undervalued, ignored, exploited and denied their most basic human rights. This is modern day slavery.

For this reason, Mideast Youth has created this project to raise awareness and to demand the rights of our fellow human beings.

Their first task is to break the silence surrounding the abuses of workers’ basic human rights. For too long, migrant workers have been an ‘invisible majority’ in the Middle East, particularly the Gulf states. They are rarely discussed in the media and receive little protection from the governments of host countries, many of whom have no clear policies for safeguarding their welfare.

Other than this website being a valuable, reliable, and informative network that brings people who support this cause together, they also aim to effectively lobby the governments to change employment laws and recognize the human rights of expatriate workers throughout the region.



This is Filip Spagnoli‘s blog about human rights – including political and economic human rights such as the right to participate in government (democracy being a subset of human rights) and the righ

t not to suffer poverty – seen from the perspective of politics, art, philosophy (hence p.a.p.), law, economics, statistics, psychology etc.

One of his posts contains LOTS of figures & facts related with migration. Here it is:


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