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The Gathering – Ireland 2013

Whether you’re Irish born, Irish bred or Irish in spirit, get involved & celebrate a year of Irish connections – The Gathering Ireland 2013!

Festivals and events

The Gathering will bring together hundreds of festivals and events throughout Ireland during 2013. They will celebrate the best in Irish music, art, literature, dance, culture, heritage, sport, film and food.

Fantastic New Year’s Eve Festivals will bookend the year, ensuring that 2013 both starts and ends with a bang! In between, take your pick from events such as St Patrick’s Festival, the Galway Arts Festival, the Wexford Opera Festival and Temple Bar TradFest, to name but a few. These will be familiar to many people but in 2013 they will all offer exciting new elements, making them bigger and better than ever for those visiting for The Gathering.

Great Gathering ideas

There are so many ways to get involved in The Gathering Ireland 2013. From family reunions to community festivals and twin towns to alumni gatherings, everyone is encouraged to work together to organise and host get-togethers. Reach out to your networks and connections overseas and invite them to come and visit in 2013. Here are some ideas…

Tracing your roots

There is a global Irish diaspora of 70 million. Are you one of them? Instead of waiting for you to find us, we’re inviting you back for The Gathering Ireland 2013. It might just be the perfect time to come and find out more about your forefathers and forge a deeper connection with our country.

When you start researching your family history, you never know what you’re going to find. And with no fewer than four recent US presidents claiming Irish family connections, the chances of discovering an influential relative are not as slim as they might at first seem!

In addition to the 1.3 million church records available online, there are national repositories of material, as well as local heritage and genealogy centres around the country. Download our guide, Tracing Your Ancestors (2.5MB .pdf) to get started or check out: www.irishgenealogy.ie, www.rootsireland.ie and www.nationalarchives.ie

You can also celebrate your Irish roots and honour your Irish ancestors by getting an official Certificate of Irish Heritage. These certs are issued by the Irish Government to those who have at least one Irish ancestor. You will even be offered help to track down the documents required to apply for the cert. In practice, that almost amounts to a free start on tracing your roots! Find out more at: www.heritagecertificate.ie

We hope this will be a chance for you to feel closer to Ireland and meet family that you never knew existed.

101 Diasporas: Artists of Chinese Descent in Britain

101 Diasporas is the title of a project, incorporating an imminent publication and an online gallery and database, which has been undertaken by Sajid Rizvi with financial assistance from Arts Council England. The project is conceived

, designed, authored and curated by Sajid Rizvi, Publisher and Founding Editor of Eastern Art Report and Eastern Art Report Online.

101 Diasporas explores, examines and highlights the work of several generations of the artists of Chinese descent who are or have been resident in the United Kingdom. The project supplements the pioneering work already undertaken by EAR in the field.

Not only has each artist an almost unique story to tell of his/her artistic career–as no doubt can be expected–but also that each has a singular sense of belonging or not belonging, or what it means to be in diaspora.

Most remarkably, artists who have been born and brought up in Britain also feel that they are in a state of diaspora. Why? The purpose of the project is to bring together their stories, to publish them and to bring to global attention the work of these practitioners of art.

Are you a 101 Diasporas artist?

If you are a practicing artist based in Britain or have spent significant amounts of time in Britain and would like your work to be included in the project, please send an e-mail to Sajid Rizvi, or write to him at:
For more information write to:
Eastern Art Report Online
EAPGROUP International Media
P O Box 13666
London SW14 8WF
United Kingdom

The Great Human Diasporas: The History Of Diversity And Evolution

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ploads/2012/04/1965462.jpg” alt=”The book cover- a photo of people playing on a waterfall” width=”304″ height=”475″ />

By Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza and Francesco Cavalli-Sforza.
300 pp. Reading, Mass., Addison–Wesley, 1995.

Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza draws upon his lifelong work in archaeology, anthropology, genetics, molecular biology, and linguistics, to address the basic questions of human origins and diversity. Coauthored by his son, Francesco, the book answers age-old questions such as: Was there a mitochondrial Eve? Did the first humans originate in Africa or in several spots on the planet at about the same time? How did humans get onto North America, the tip of South America, and Australia? Can the history of humankind be reconstructed on the basis of today’s genetic situation?

Cavalli-Sforza presents in a single volume for the non-specialist the fruits of over forty years of research. After providing a thorough grounding in evolutionary theory, Cavalli-Sforza takes readers back to the heady times of 1961-62 when he and a few colleagues were able to bring together genetic data on blood groups for fifteen populations spread out on five continents. By computing the genetic distance between pairs of populations, these scientists were able to develop an evolutionary tree that looks surprisingly like the ones reconstructed today, even with fifteen times more information. Using this crude tree, scientists could trace the approximate routes modern humans took in colonizing the earth 100,000 years ago and discover when populations split off from each other to form new groups. In the course of his work, Cavalli-Sforza joined forces with archaeologists, linguists, anthropologists, and molecular biologists. He shows how both archaeological and genetic data were used to track human migrations during the spread of agriculture; he probes such topics as the existence of a single ancestral language and the relationship between biological and linguistic evolution;and he brings us up to date with his current work as chief sponsor of the human genome diversity project, an ambitious attempt to analyze the most significant individual variations in human genomes.

Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza is Professor of Genetics Emeritus at Stanford University Medical School. He is the author of a number of seminal scientific books. Francesco Cavalli-Sforza is a creator and producer of educational films, based primarily in Italy.


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