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Queer Migration Research Network

This website is dedicated to providing a forum for scholars whose research particularly focuses on the intersections among international migration and LGBTQ individuals, communities, histories, cultures, and politics.

Queer Migration Scholarship

International migration and related transnationalizing processes have transformed every facet of our social, cultural, economic, and political lives in recent decades. Sexuality scholarship has started to explore how “the age of migration” is centrally implicated in the construction, regulation, and transformation of sexual identities, communities, politics, and cultures. At the same time, migration scholarship has begun to theorize how sexuality, a neglected concern, constitutes a “dense transfer point for relations of power” that structure all aspects of international migration. Queer migration scholarship, which richly explores the multiple conjunctions between sexuality and migration, has drawn from and greatly contributed to these bodies of research — as well as to feminist and gender, racial/ethnic, postcolonial, public health, and globalization studies, among other fields.


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