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David Monahan & Maurice Gunning – Living – Leaving

David Monahan & Maurice Gunning - Living - Leaving

In 2008, Maurice Gunning travelled to Buenos Aires and began interviewing and photographing the Argentine Irish Diaspora. Over three months he met with all the Argentine Irish organisations of the city and explored the vast farmland areas of Buenos Aires Province. The Irish Embassy of…

Frank Miller, Minority Report

Frank Miller, Minority Report

“The Hmong migrated over the border from China into Vietnam, Laos and Thailand some 300 years ago. They inhabited whatever mountainous land was available and worked out ways to survive in some of the most inhospitable, but beautiful, territory in the country. They are a…



Adapt: to make fit (as for a new use) often by modification (definition from Merriam- Webster) In keeping with the simplicity of the term, seven American artists in this exhibition are dealing with the concept of adaptation, whether on a global, local or personal level.…

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