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Queer Migration Research Network

This website is dedicated to providing a forum for scholars whose research particularly focuses on the intersections among international migration and LGBTQ individuals, communities, histories, cultures, and politics.

Queer Migration Scholarship

International migration and related transnationalizing processes have transformed every facet of our social, cultural, economic, and political lives in recent decades. Sexuality scholarship has started to explore how “the age of migration” is centrally implicated in the construction, regulation, and transformation of sexual identities, communities, politics, and cultures. At the same time, migration scholarship has begun to theorize how sexuality, a neglected concern, constitutes a “dense transfer point for relations of power” that structure all aspects of international migration. Queer migration scholarship, which richly explores the multiple conjunctions between sexuality and migration, has drawn from and greatly contributed to these bodies of research — as well as to feminist and gender, racial/ethnic, postcolonial, public health, and globalization studies, among other fields.


Living on a Border project

Living on a Border is an international research and art project that deals with the migration issue in Europe – especially in the EU – and tries

to demystify the migration phenomenon and clarify the situation in light of the fact that in public discourse migrations are usually understood as negative, threatening, or conflictual. In dissemination part of the project we use artistic, performative approach followed by multimedia installation Permanent Waiting Room to present results of the research process to wide public in all partner countries: Italy, Slovenia, Austria and the UK. Such demystification and clarification is especially important if we keep in mind that in the last decade migration processes have been increasing throughout all of Europe (primarily in the EU) and the USA (that is, in the entire so called “developed and prosperous, democratic and civilised western world”); these processes are simultaneously a product of and a threat to their governments.

Migration Institute University of Oxford

The International Migration Institute (IMI) is committed to developing a long-term and forward-looking perspective on international migration.

The Int

ernational Migration Institute (IMI) was established in 2006. It is a member of the Oxford Martin School and also forms part of the Oxford Department of International Development, where it is based.

It pioneers new theoretical and methodological approaches, working with researchers and policy-makers in the global South and North. Its aim is to advance understanding of the multi-level forces driving current and future migration processes.

IMI analyses migration as an instrinsic part of broader global transformation processes rather than a problem to be solved. Such understanding can provide the basis for policies designed to fully realise the potential benefits of migration for individuals and societies. We are interested in the following questions:

  • What stimulates people’s migration?
  • How do they undertake their journeys?
  • How does migration affect societies of origin and destination?
  • Can we anticipate future patterns of migration?

IMI has established collaboration with migration researchers across the world and is laying the foundations for research on some of the key challenges posed by migration in the 21st century.

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