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Studio Photography Workshop - Level 1

Studio Photography Workshop – Level 1
Workshop II

Ideal for those curious about how a photographic studio works

A studio photography taster course for those who might have a little interest in this area but are not sure if it might be over their head. Models will sign model release forms so you can use any shots you take on a commercial basis. This course is aimed at those who wish to dip their toe in the world of Studio Photography. Class size will be limited to 10.

We will show you how studio light works and the way the lighting is set up for good portraits. The course will cover 1, 2 and 3 light set ups in both high key and low key lighting situations including the use of reflectors and deflectors.

A camera will be supplied as part of the session but you are more that welcome to bring your own camera! To get the most out of this course your camera must have Manual Controls and ideally should have an external Hot Shoe.

Due to the limited range of apertures on many Compact Cameras an SLR or SLR Bridge camera is best suited for this course.

Fee includes detailed, illustrated notes and the either use of camera if necessary or hot shoe adapter for your own SLR/SLR Bridge camera. This standard adapter will work Nikon, Canon, Olympus Pentax and Sigma SLR’s but not with Konica Minolta or Sony Digital SLR’s. Any bridge camera that has a hot shoe, such as the Fuji 9500/9600 will also suffice.

About The Institute Of Photography

The Institute of Photography was established in 2006 and are Ireland’s foremost trainers of Digital Photography. Courses range from Beginner to Advanced from Wedding to Studio, from Photoshop to Lightroom.

At the Institute of Photography we teach ‘real world’ photography We’re simply dedicated to helping you get great pictures, in all sorts of locations. Our notes only cover Digital Photography so you’re not burdened with unnecessary information about topics you don’t need to know about.

Also, too many teachers in this field forget how difficult the jargon is for the average digital camera and software user. We make learning easy for you. We do this by breaking everything down into bite size chunks and then repeating the key concepts so that you can take it all in, little piece by little piece.

All of our notes are specially written in plain English and are illustrated with full colour photographs and illustrations to show you exactly what you need to learn. They’ve been fine-tuned in a classroom setting, so each of the tips in this set of notes works in the real world.