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On the Future of Photography Education

On the Future of Photography Education

Often discussions about education concentrate on the ever-present question of resources. In a context where the crisis in public finance since 2008 has impacted across all education provision, in summary, the mounting pressures of rising student and receding staff numbers; the decline in funding and grants with a possible return of fees, poor post-graduate funding opportunities and much more competitive job market.
In the context of the festival, this platform sets out to ask, arguably, more fundamental questions and activate a public dialogue and discussion about the future of photography education. What might this be ? Is there a need to reclaim and articulate a need for its specificity or identity rather than be absorbed into some generalized art or media programme ?

This discussion does not seek to side-step the issue of resources but seeks to reinvigorate and energise an open discussion and argument that itself could be part of the argument for resources into the future.

* What is an education in photography and what is it for?
* What distinguishes it and what is its specificity if any?
* What is the state of photography education, where has it been and where is it going ?

The conversation will take the form of a series of short presentations from a number of key representatives in photography education on the island of Ireland and but also international representatives including IADT, DIT, Limerick School of Art, IED Institute, Madrid amongst others.

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