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One Day Introduction to Digital SLR

One Day Introduction to Digital SLR
Workshop IV

Aimed at those wishing to improve their basic knowledge of photography

This Introduction to Digital SLRs Course is aimed at those who want to learn more about the settings on and inside their camera. Any brand of Digital SLR is suitable for this course.

The course is made up of 6 separate sessions: 3 Camera Sessions, 1 Field Trip, 1 Photo Critiquing Session of the shots from the Field Trip and a 1 tutorial on using the software that came with your camera.

The course takes place over 1 day. At the end of the course you will be able to understand and use; depth of field; shutter speeds to freeze or blur movement; flash and how to use it properly.

Field Trip
After lunch we will head outdoors for our field trip. Each student will be advised on how to use their own camera properly and how to take better shots. Tripods would be helpful for this field trip.

Full Colour, Illustrated Handouts
Carefully worded and appropriately illustrated handouts are an integral part of our courses. Because lectures tend to have an effect which lasts only a short while, particularly if no notes are taken, we believe our handouts are the key to making your newly gained knowledge much more long-lasting. Between photography and computer notes you will receive over 75 pages of full colour, detailed notes for the course.

Course Content

Session 1 – Take better sport & action shots, including how to blur water for creative effect
Session 2 – Using depth of field to enhance your photos
Session 3 – FIELD TRIP
Session 4 – Critiquing of Field Trip shots
Session 5 – Tutorial on using the software that came with your camera
Session 6 – Using flash indoors and outdoors to overcome difficult light conditions

About The Institute Of Photography

The Institute of Photography was established in 2006 and are Ireland’s foremost trainers of Digital Photography. Courses range from Beginner to Advanced from Wedding to Studio, from Photoshop to Lightroom.

At the Institute of Photography we teach ‘real world’ photography We’re simply dedicated to helping you get great pictures, in all sorts of locations. Our notes only cover Digital Photography so you’re not burdened with unnecessary information about topics you don’t need to know about.

Also, too many teachers in this field forget how difficult the jargon is for the average digital camera and software user. We make learning easy for you. We do this by breaking everything down into bite size chunks and then repeating the key concepts so that you can take it all in, little piece by little piece.

All of our notes are specially written in plain English and are illustrated with full colour photographs and illustrations to show you exactly what you need to learn. They’ve been fine-tuned in a classroom setting, so each of the tips in this set of notes works in the real world.