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Wireless & Off Camera Flash Workshop - Level 1

Wireless & Off Camera Flash Workshop – Level 1
Workshop V

Aimed at those who want to get more interesting flash lighting from their flashguns.

Interesting photography is all about shadows. Shadows help show 3 dimensions, shadows give mood. The main problem with direct flash from you cameras hot shoe is that it gives none of these.

This course will show you how to get much more interesting flash shots by taking the flash off the camera and firing it either through a cable or using a wireless system.

The course will also cover how to mix flash with ambient light as well as how to kill ambient light even in the daytime using manual controls.

Please note that this is not a studio flash course, it is solely aimed at external dedicated flashguns.

What flashguns are suitable for this course?
All dedicated flashguns are suitable for this course. This includes Nikon SB600, SB700, SB800 and SB900; Canon 430EX and EX II, 580 EX and EX II along with the dedicated flash guns from Olympus, Sony and Panasonic. It also covers third party dedicated flashguns from the likes of Metz, Sigma and Nissin.

What if I don’t have a flashgun?
A number of dedicated Nikon and Canon flashguns can be provided for a small fee.

Full Colour, Illustrated Handouts
Carefully worded and appropriately illustrated handouts are an integral part of our courses. Because lectures tend to have an effect, which lasts only a short while, particularly if no notes are taken, we believe our handouts are the key to making your newly gained knowledge much more long-lasting. You will receive over 40 pages of full colour, detailed notes for the course.

Course Content

– Using your cameras built-in wireless system to maintain dedication
– Using off-camera shoe cords to move the flash away from the camera and maintain dedication
– Using Radio Triggers for greater distance with manual flash settings
– Auto Flash Zoom & Focal Length
– When to use Manual Zoom
– Flash exposure compensation in camera or flash gun
– Using ISO to increase the power of the flash
– Flash modifiers – brollies
– Flash modifiers – snoots
– Flash modifiers – softboxes
– Killing ambient light
– Using 1, 2 and 3 flashguns

About The Institute Of Photography

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At the Institute of Photography we teach ‘real world’ photography We’re simply dedicated to helping you get great pictures, in all sorts of locations. Our notes only cover Digital Photography so you’re not burdened with unnecessary information about topics you don’t need to know about.

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