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Chinese Diaspora by Pok Chi Lau

“>Black and white photo of two Chinese prostitutes in Hong Kong

Prostitutes in Shen Zhen, a border city north of Hong Kong. Images © 2003 Pok Chi Lau. All rights reserved.

Pok Chi Lau has focused on the contemporary cultural and social transformations brought about by human migration. Through photography, writing and video he seeks to illuminate the impact of global migration upon the private lives and social environments of the Chinese people, both in the Chinese homeland and their adopted environs. To understand the Chinese Diaspora is to acknowledge the significance of human patterns of global migration as they shape individual experiences and emerging cultures.



1 Comment to Chinese Diaspora by Pok Chi Lau

  1. Susan Bank

    Pok Chi Lau is a remarkable investigator, following the Chinese diaspora throughout the world. His curiousity and gift for story telling goes beyond the ordinary boundaries of research. He follows threads that others might have ignored. Best of all, he has such FUN doing it. Susan Bank

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