• PhotoIreland Festival 2012

    Migrations: Diapora & Cultural Identity

    Isabelle Pateer Unsettled, at The Copper House Gallery 28 Jun-12 Jul
    David Monahan / Maurice Gunning
    Leaving - Living, at the NPA 5-22 Jul
    Jean Revillard
    Sarah on the Bridge 14 Jul- 4 Aug
    Sean Hillen, The Sean Hillen Collection at the NPA 26 Jul-29 Aug



    Mark Curran
    extracts from EDEN/ausschnitte aus EDEN, at Moxie Studios
    Jens Komossa
    Television Rooms, at the Goethe-Institut 4-31 Jul
    Senija Topcic
    Decency, at the Goethe-Institut 4-31 Jul




    Vincent O'Byrne, Post Photography, at Dublin Camera Club 23 Jun-29Jul
    NCAD PDI Students
    , Fourteen 12, at NCAD 28 Jun-1 Jul
    Group Show
    Chasing Shadows III, at CFCP 28 Jun-10 Jul
    DIT Photography Year 2
    (UN)Themed, at The Little Green Street Gallery 29 Jun-5 Jul
    Group Show
    Homeless Gallery, at D-Light Studios 1-4 Jul *submissions still open
    Group Show
    Ruptures, at 74 Benburb Street, Dublin 7 1-9 Jul
    John Lalor
    Signed Out, at Darc Space 1-31 Jul
    Phil Behan The Karen of Mayo, at Irish Aid Information Centre 1 Jul-1 Aug
    The Dice Project Encounters, at MadArt Gallery, Dublin 7 2-10 Jul
    Frank Miller
    Minority Report, at ILAC Centre Library, Dublin 7 2-15 Jul
    Group Show
    Close to Closure, at The Back Loft 4-10 Jul
    Group Show
    FLUX, at South Studios 5-8 Jul
    Evan Buggle Ballyfermot - A Migrating Landscape, at Leinster Gallery 5-14 Jul
    Paul Tierney Reflected City, at Designist 5-16 Jul
    Tristan Hutchinson Took Strength To Tackle Those Hills, at Filmbase 5-17 Jul
    Ieva Baltaduonyte
    Migracijos, at CityArts 5-19 Jul
    Debbie Castro
    Focused identity, Unfocused spaces, at CityArts 5-19 Jul
    Greg Constantine
    The World’s Stateless, at The Atrium 5-19 Jul
    Group Show The Hidden City, at George Bernard Shaw 5-23 Jul
    Ciara O'Halloran
    The Other Room, at Gallery Eight 5-24 Jul
    Mark McCullough / Suzanne Mooney Disparate Geometry, at Monster Truck 5-28 Jul
    Adrian Reilly Several Distances at Once, at Monster Truck 5-28 Jul
    Paul McCarthy Na Caipíní, at The Market Bar 5-31 Jul
    NCAD PDI Students, at The Little Green Street Gallery 7-11 Jul
    Conor Blundell
    Dublin Lights, at Brannigans Bar, Cathredral st. 10-31 Jul
    Jeanette Lowe The Flats, at Pearse House Flats 11-22 Jul
    UU MFA Students Finding Fragments, at South Studios 12-15 Jul
    Group Show f/22, at MadArt Gallery 12-19 Jul *submissions still open
    Jamie Young Water Towers of Ireland, at Exchange Dublin 12-23 Jul
    Andrzej Rozycki
    Photosophy, at CFCP 12-24 Jul
    Jennifer Hynes
    Travelogue, at various locations, Dublin City Centre 14-18 Jul
    BurnIn Company
    Half Afraid to Think, at The President's Hall, The Law Society 14-26 Jul
    Doreen Kennedy
    Mono No Aware, at The National Botanic Gardens 14 Jul-1 Aug
    Jos Menting Circle of Light, at The Backloft 15-19 Jul
    Group Show
    Adapt, at Broadstone Studios & Gallery 19 Jul-4 Aug
    Gianluca Gamberini
    Cinecitta’, at South Studios 19-22 Jul
    Katerina Mistal
    Mapping Europe, at South Studios 19-22 Jul
    Rory O'Neill
    Limbo, at South Studios 19-22 Jul
    Sean Breithaupt Crude, at South Studios 19-22 Jul
    Steve Ryan Sometimes They Move, at South Studios 19-22 Jul
    Group Show
    Inland, at The Lighthouse 24-31 Jul
    Brian Cregan
    The Glass Garden, at Exchange Dublin Gallery 24-31 Jul
    Sergey Sergeev
    Pilgrimage, at CFCP 26 Jul-3 Aug
    Group Show Slide Project(or), at The Bernard Shaw 26 Jul-6 Aug *submissions still open
    Moira Sweeney Stevedoring Stories, at CHQ, Dublin Docklands 20-26 Aug


    'What is Conceptual Photography?' by Source Magazine.

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