• Portfolio Reviews - PhotoIreland Festival

    Portfolio 12
    International Portfolio Reviews
    13 – 15 July 2012

    PhotoIreland Festival's portfolio review weekend will take place from 13-15 July 2012 at Moxie Studios in Dublin city, representing a unique opportunity for emerging artists worldwide to highlight new photographic projects and meet with international professionals.

    During the weekend of the portfolio reviews your work will be evaluated by international and Irish curators, gallery owners, festival directors, publishers and other photography professionals. You will also be invited to the opening networking event on 13 July, where the selected submissions for portfolio reviews will be presented in a series of projections.

    The reviews will offer insights, critique and advice on your work, providing you with invaluable feedback on your artistic development and expanding your professional network.

    This year, the total number of portfolios was over 150, which have reached us from over 20 countries, such as Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Russia, United States, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Philippines, Finland, Lithuania, Greece, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and, of course, Ireland.

    The shortlist for Portfolio 12

    Ali Hanoon David Thomas Smith Kurt Tong
    Amy Stevens Dionysis Kouris Mayra Martell
    Andreas Tschersich Dominic Turner Miriam O’Connor
    Asbjoern Jensen Dragana Jurisic Noel Bowler
    Attila Floszmann Eric Stephanian Nolwenn Brod
    Barbara H Larkin Erik von Frankenberg Pablo Axpe
    Ben Krewinkel Ethna O’Regan Roger Frei
    Catrine Val Eufalia Almeida Stefania Sapio
    Chloe Borkett Fabian Unternaehrer Stephen Crossland
    Chloe Devis Gaspar Risko Thais Medina
    Chun Soo Kim James Cant Tina Remiz
    Cynthia O’Dell Joseph Carr Tony Mc Donnell
    Dara McGrath Juste Balciunaite Wawi Navarroza
    Darek Fortas Kasia Klimpel Yaron Lapid
    David Galjaard Kate Nolan Zoe O’Reilly

    The shortlisted photographers will be reviewed by an international panel of professionals:
    • Jan Babnik - Chief Editor Revija Fotografija Magazine, Ljubljana
    • Pavel Banka - Chief Editor Fotograf Magazine, Prague
    • Walter Bergmoser - Curator & Photographer, Soul
    • Reinhard Braun - Camera Austria, Graz
    • Louise Clements - QUAD & FORMAT Festival, Derby
    • John Duncan - Co-editor of Source Magazine, Dublin
    • Gösta Flemming - Journal, Stockholm
    • Nora Hauswirth - former CEO Sodapix, independent curator, Zurich
    • David Kronn - Private Collector, New York
    • Trish Lambe - Gallery of Photography, Dublin
    • Dewi Lewis - Publisher, London
    • Katarzyna Majak - Kwartalnik Fotografia, Września
    • Karen McQuaid - The Photographers' Gallery, London
    • Andreas Müller-Pohle - European Photography, Berlin
    • Moritz Neumüller - PhotoIreland, Dublin/Barcelona
    • Markus Schaden - Schaden, Cologne
    • Dagmar Seeland - UK Picture Editor for Stern, London
    • Leszek Wolnik - Curator & Strategist, The Copper House, Dublin
    Find out more about the reviewers

    All submitted portfolios were pre-reviewed by a professional Jury: Peggy Sue Amison (Sirius Arts Centre), Nora Hauswirth, Leszek Wolnik (Fire.ie), Tanya Kiang and Trish Lambe (Gallery of Photography), Richard Mosse, Moritz Neumüller and Ángel Luis González (PhotoIreland).

    Should you have any further questions, please contact info@photoireland.org