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Facing History and Ourselves- Education Programs

Facing History and Ourselves combats racism, antisemitism, and prejudice and nurtures democracy through education programmes worldwide.

For more than 30 years, Facing History and Ourselves has believed that education is the key to combating bigotry and nurturing democracy.

They work with educators throughout their careers to improve their effectiveness in the classroom, as well as their students’ academic performance and civic learning. Through a rigorous investigation of the events that led to the Holocaust, as well as other recent examples of genocide and mass violence, students in a Facing History class learn to combat prejudice with compassion, indifference with participation, and myth and misinformation with knowledge.

Facing History’s impact in supporting teachers’ effectiveness and promoting students’ academic development and civic learning has been demonstrated in more than one hundred studies by independent researchers and Facing History evaluators.

Since it was founded in 1976 in Brookline, Massachusetts, Facing History and Ourselves has grown from an innovative course taught in a single school district to an international organization with more than 150 staff members in Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, London, Los Angeles, Memphis, New England, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Toronto, and partnerships in Northern Ireland, Israel, Rwanda, China and South Africa. These offices and partnerships, as well as projects throughout North America and around the world, support a network of more than 29,000 trained educators who reach nearly two million young people annually.

Project Migration

A photo of Migration Project's bracelet design

What is Project Migration?

Project Migration Inc. is a social enterprise organization that produces fashion items to support charitable efforts. For each Project Migration fashion product sold, years* of clean water along with life-saving medical supplies will be donated. *[three full years per handbag, two years per shirt, and one year per bracelet]

The project’s mission is: to help alleviate pain for those living in extreme poverty, by providing clean water and life-saving medical supplies.
In addition, we host “Migration Vacations” which provide a special opportunity to personally hand-deliver medical supplies (supported by the sale of Project Migration products), and educate locals on their use, while traveling to multiple locations to visit medical clinics. We will be bringing volunteer doctors who will help single mothers who are pregnant, giving birth or sick.

Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog

What is forced migration?

Forced migration is defined by the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration as “a general term that refers to the movements of refugees and internall

y displaced people (people displaced by conflicts), as well as people displaced by natural or environmental disasters, chemical or nuclear disasters, famine, or development projects.”

What Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog is?

A service highlighting web research and information relating to refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and other forced migrants; provided by Elisa Mason

This Current Awareness Blog or CAB has been created to help you with the following tasks: 1) keep up with new publications, new journal and newsletter issues, new events and opportunities for professional development and learning, new web sites, and other relevant online resources; 2) track who’s doing what where in terms of research and publication; and 3) learn about online tools that can facilitate the search and retrieval of relevant information resources. So check in regularly or add this site’s feed to your favorite newsreader, and let the FM CAB help you navigate the forced migration information highway.

The author of this blog is Elisa Mason. She is an information specialist who focuses on forced migration issues. After receiving her Master’s in Library Science in 1991, she worked for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Washington, DC and Geneva, as well as the Refugee Studies Centre in Oxford. She has published a number of articles and guides on forced migration resources including the Guide to Forced Migration Resources on the Web, and most recently, Researching Forced Migration: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources. Some of her other publications are listed here.

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