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Tristan Hutchinson, Took Strength To Tackle Those Hills

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Took Strength To Tackle Those Hills is a photographic portrait of a community and a landscape experiencing particular economic and social transition. Cork Harbour’s dramatic topography of steep Victorian hinterland, lush greenbelt woods and forests sits side by side with the emission stacks of oil refineries and the grey geometries of multinational corporations hidden behind hills and the waning of its curved harbour. The relics of heavy industry past such lie abandoned on its shores, the landscape irrevocably transformed, leaving behind the imprint of economic and political endeavors. This suggests an uneasy and complex alliance between politics, economy and nature.

Tristan Hutchinson

Tristan Hutchinson is a Dublin-based photographer working in medium and large format. His work explores themes of communities in contemporary Ireland, examining the impact from economic and political endeavor. He has exhibited and screened work in Ireland and Europe.