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Katerina Mistal, Mapping Europe

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Photo series ”Mapping Europe” examines the landscape and the continent as a symbol of the country and cultural identity. I am interested in how migration and transnational lives today impact on identity and our relationship to the Europe’s geography. My interest in borders and in the different kinds of limits brought me to visit border landscapes and viewpoints in-between countries in Europe. After exploring this approach over a period of years, I started a portrait series with the children who have some kind of connection to the place or are living in the same area.

Katerina Mistal

I am Swedish based visual artist who works with photography and video installations. I am interested in representations of the landscape and have previously experimented with the unknown landscape (in the series ”Fear of landscape” Gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki 2004, ”Margins” the 7th Biennale of Photography in Poznan, Pl, 2011). I have explored the theme of unknown sites in inphoto- based installations (Eskilstuna Art Museum 2008-09, ”Topos/Place” Thessaloniki Photo Festival, Gr 2010 and at the Reykjavik Arts Festival in Nordic house, Is 2009). In the project initiated by RUCA in Stockholm “Informal cities” I worked with the children from Soweto in South Africa on a photo project“Limits”.Most recently, at the Åland Art Museum 2011, I exhibited the first part of my ongoing project ”Mapping Europe”.